Modular Robotic Applique Kit (M-RAK)

The Modular Robotic Appliqué Kit (M-RAK) converts commercial tracked or wheeled heavy equipment, construction and utility vehicles to tele-operated control, allowing for remote operation to mitigate dangerous or unpleasant working environments.   From a 3,000 pound
ASV RC-30 Skid Steer to a 25,000 pound Caterpillar 924G Wheel Loader, M-RAK installation allows the customer to select the platform best suited for the job.

M-RAK provides teleoperated control of vehicle motion as well as operation of a variety of attachments including robotic arms, disruptors, buckets, and tools for vegetation removal. With picture-in-picture video capability, the M-RAK Operator Control Unit provides high quality video of both tool operation and the environment surrounding the platform. The digital radio control system provides line of sight range of 1.5 miles. Since the majority of M-RAK components are installed on the roof of the vehicle, the cab is free for manual operation – and conversion to manual operation requires just a flip of a switch.

Robotic Control of Equipment
and Vehicles including:

● Skid Steers
● Feller Bunchers
● Bulldozers
● Graders
● Beach Combers
● Utility Vehicles
● Polaris Ranger
● Polaris Razor
● John Deere Gator
● Bobcat
● Many others...

Heavy Equipment and Off Road Appliqué Kit designed for:

● Unexploded ordnance
● Mine clearance
● Devegetation
● Landfill management
● Surface clearance
● Geophysical survey
● Subsurface clearance
● Demining
● Disaster response
● Hazmat response
● Mining
Installs fast on variety of equipment for robotic control

Platform Installation:

Install in less than 30 minutes on CAN enabled platforms
Install times of 1-2 days for non-CAN enabled platforms
Rugged and reliable kit built for tele-operation of mid-sized (Polaris Rangers, Skid Steers) and large platforms (Front Loaders, Dozers, etc.) removing the operator from the danger zone. ARA’s applique kit provides remote control of platform steering, acceleration, braking, and implement control at safe standoff distances.
A “virtual dashboard” at the operator control unit provides situational awareness to the operator, integrating up to eight cameras including one pan/tilt/zoom, as well as two-way audio. The manual/remote switch allows the operator to quickly transition between the two operational modes.