VIP Ruggedized Security Kit 3 Апрель 2015, 08:13

High value personnel who travel are potential targets of espionage and terrorism which put their life and valued information at risk. Temporary residences and vehicles are designated as high-risk targets, especially when carrying valuable information that needs to be utilized and accessed while on the go.

ARA has developed a portable security system which is deployed rapidly to provide immediate security while traveling or for short term stays in hotels, condos or homes.
● The system uses wireless devices, eliminating installation complexity
● All devices can be monitored through a single, simple software interface
● Digital Video Recorder capabilities mean all pre/post video is available for review
● Cameras and sensors are available in a variety of concealable forms
● The system also provides an alert capability that allows messages to be sent to nearly anywhere, from nearly anywhere.

The VIPR system is a portable, rapidly deployable security system for monitoring temporary residences and vehicles. The system provides persistent surveillance and situational awareness in both indoor and outdoor environments.