The Nighthawk IV UAS is a hand or tube launched small UAV that uses GPS and built-in autopilot to provide quick and easy situational awareness along with search and rescue capabilities in almost any environment.
FAA approved training, maintenance and repair procedures allow qualified agencies to quickly obtain a Certificate of Authorization (COA). A variety of custom payloads allow the customer to outfit the Nighthawk specifically to their needs. 
With a range of more than 10km and flight time of more than 60 minutes, the 4th generation 1.6 lb Nighthawk system is the smallest, most capable ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) platform available today offering greater range and flight time than comparable systems. Download the associated brochure for payload specifications.
Nighthawk is proven with hundreds of units deployed to Afghanistan. When combined with ARA Force Protection’s E-UGS systems, Nighthawk provides comprehensive and automatic “fly to cue” eyes on target.
Achieve improved security and visual recon in wide applications including:
Search and Rescue
Disaster Response
Military Bases
Detention Centers
Nuclear Facilities
Government Installations
Border Regions
Industrial Farms
Roadless Terrain
National Parks

Fixed Site Security

A tube launch option is available, which is a preferred launch method for fixed site security. Using a tube six inches in diameter, the tube launch system can be mounted on a building or placed in the launcher of a combat vehicle, allowing for its use without exposing any personnel to harm.
When combined with ARA’s E-UGS, the aircraft can be automatically fed a grid coordinate and launched instantly to that location. Positive identification is a button push away with the tube launch, providing actionable intelligence and evidentiary recordings of security events at home or abroad.

Why Nighthawk

The mobile and affordable option for aerial reconnaissance, the Nighthawk is a force multiplier that is well suited to solve a variety of battlefield and fixed site security challenges. Able to integrate with existing security systems and with added capabilities like automatic tube launching from vehicles or fixed installations, Nighthawk offers a more complete security solution than typical small airborne systems with unequaled ease of use.