Pointman Tactical Robot

Pointman is a compact, military grade tactical robot that keeps the operator at a safe standoff distance while providing video surveillance of multi-story structures, facility perimeters, and vehicles.
Classified as a Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle (SUGV), Pointman is designed for rapid deployment including being dropped through a window or tossed through a door. With a compact footprint and narrow (19”) width, it is ideal for operating in confined areas such as culverts, warehouses, residences, office spaces and narrow spaces such as bus or aircraft aisles. Using wheeled locomotion to quickly traverse level terrain and a unique flipping motion to self-right, negotiate obstacles and climb stairs, Pointman is suitable for virtually any tactical environment and delivers industry leading mobility.
Pointman provides daylight, lowlight and no light (IR) video in a robust and highly mobile platform. An integrated high-intensity headlight ensures video operation even when no ambient light is present and a video output jack on the controller provides video output for display on an external monitor for evidentiary recording.
Pointman’s camera boom assembly lies flat allowing for inspections under vehicles including automobiles, commercial vehicles, and aircraft.

Why Pointman

#1 in class for mobility and battery life – NIST.
When considering a tactical reconnaissance robot for your team, range matters. Ruggedness matters. Mobility matters. A stuck robot is worth about as much as the dirty laundry it’s stuck in. Pointman is designed to be easy to drive, nearly impossible to get stuck thanks to the end over end flipping motion, and able to clear multi-story structures by using the automatic climbing mode. It also can lay flat to inspect under cars or furniture and see at night with light and IR illumination. Other robots have external antenna that can easily break or tracks that get tangled in all sorts of debris. If you want to get in, get a look around, and get out, you need a Pointman Tactical Robot to support your police, SWAT, military or site security operations. There is simply no better tool for fast and reliable situational awareness.