Virtual Heroes and Team Awarded $415 Million Contract for U.S. Army Live Training Transformation

March 2015 25 Март 2015, 11:40
The Virtual Heroes Division of Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) is part of a team that was awarded a $415 million, five-year contract to support the Army's Live Training Transformation (LT2) training systems. The Consolidated Product-line Management (CPM) Next program continues the successful evolution of PEO STRI's Project Manager for Training Devices (PM TRADE) award-winning LT2 Product Line. The new contract will provide LT2 with additional consolidation, automation, and streamlining for increased return on investment, training system capabilities, and sustainment efficiencies. CPM Next is led by prime contractor General Dynamics Mission Systems.
"This is a great win for both the General Dynamics team and the Army," said Dr. Wesley Milks, program manager for ARA's work on CPM Next. "The GD team has built a strong partnership with PM TRADE, allowing us to evolve together toward our common goal of providing the best training capability at the lowest overall cost."
General Dynamics, Virtual Heroes, and the team will provide innovation through extending automation, consolidation, variation management, and reuse. The team will provide not just software development but systems engineering, documentation, testing, deployment, training, and logistics. Combined, these efforts will offer improved training capabilities for the Army while reducing cost though increased sharing of common assets. This asset sharing will enable a greater than 3x return on investment for fielded products.
For over ten years, the Orlando office of Virtual Heroes has been working to advance the state of the art in training realism for the warfighter. More information on Virtual Heroes can be found at and on social media.